Irene Tondelli Studio


Some years ago I read an essay by the Italian writer and poet Giacomo Leopardi called “Dialogue Between Nature And An Icelander”, about the indifference of nature towards human suffering.

I started to investigate my intimate relation with nature through photography. Iceland has been one of the firsts landmarks of my research. I travelled all around the isle by car sleeping in my tent, trying to avoid any human contact, just me and nature. I focused on landscape and the contrast between residential areas and the Icelandic wide open spaces. 

Finding out how small I am standing in front a glacier or a waterfall has been a great life lesson. I think nature’s not indifferent towards humans, it simply follows its path, and us, as guest travellers in its greatness, we redefine our place in the world, we scale down our everyday problems, we remind the true essence of life.