Irene Tondelli Studio

anima mundi

Anima Mundi is wandering in the dark knowing from the beginning that you will get lost.
It is to be disoriented when all reference points start to be missing.
It is a physical journey into the Peruvian Amazon forest, but it could have happened everywhere - even in the imagination.

It is sweat, strain, restlessness, sacrifice, euphoria.

It is accepting the chaos, with the knowledge that you will not likely find any answers besides the crisis that generated it.

It is finding yourself alien in a natural world that you thought was of comfort.

It is the discomfort of knowing that you are at the same time threat and threaten, prey e predator.

It is learning that a break is not the end but the starting point to recreate your own place in the natural environment.

It is to blow up an oppressive place to enlarge the horizon.

It is to understand that a profound reconciliation is often the result of an equally profound initial misunderstanding.