Irene Tondelli Studio

limìo - ongoing

"nel cuore durava il limìo / delle cicale (UNGARETTI).” 

The word "Limìo"; indicates the noise of filing (also figurative) in poetry is often used to indicate the sound of cicadas during the summer.

Limìo is my auditory madeleine: a sound that recalls my summer childhood’s memories. The sunny afternoons spent in a pine forest playing with my friends.

It's an on-going project born from a public post on Facebook where I asked people (and some families), born in the Pianura Padana (my native area) to bring me in the house where they were born to be portrayed.

I also asked them to tell me about their past, look for old photographs or show me an object linked to the origins of their family.

The result is a collective narration made of memories, returns to places that the protagonists left a long time ago, houses destroyed by the earthquake, places dramatically changed, intimate and personal stories.

Limìo is an ongoing project that will certainly continue to involve other areas geographical areas and people. The photos presented here are currently pulished in one self-produced fanzine distributed in 30 numbered copies.

12\30 copies available